Review: Jonas by K.f. Breene

Title: Jonas

Author: K.f. Breene

Series: Darkness book 7

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publication: December 16, 2014


Yes! Finally! Jonas found him someone. I love Jonas, I have since On a Razors Edge. No, I didn't much care for him in Into the Darkness, but that was because of the circumstances. This dude won me over, I'm pretty sure he won everyone who has kept up with this series over. Everyone keeps saying they're sorry the series is over. I don't think it is. Breene left a big opening for the possibility of Charles getting a story at the end of Jonas. I could be wrong, of course, but I really really hope I'm not. I loved the story line here. I loved that Sasha wasn't willing to back down, and give up on finding Jonas. I liked Emmy as well. She's a bit of a mystery, shy and a little bit timid, until she gets a whip in her hand, then watch out. Honestly, I know this story was all about Jonas, but I would have loved to see more from Sasha and Stefan. Stefan especially. I'm satisfied, this was a great read. I can't wait to see what Breene comes up with next.


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